5 Pakistani actresses who lost weight! Before & After pictures

Pakistani celebrities are the trendsetters of our generation, along with great acting they also have to go an extra mile to get in shape for a role because of the fact that they needed to look good on the big screen. We have witnessed some great transformation of few of our talented actresses.

These are the 5 best celebrity physiques of all time.

Aiman Khan:

Aiman Khan before & after

Aiman Khan is a young Pakistani actress who made her acting debut in 2012 in drama Mohabbat Bhaar Mai Jaye, which aired on Hum TV, she gained massive fan following after that and the actress kept giving her best performance in her projects, she earned her nomination for Best Actress at Hum Awards for serial Ishq Tamasha and Baandi. Though Aiman joined the entertainment industry when she was really young and chubby, Aiman knew she needed to lose weight in order to fit into the kind of characters which she wanted to play. The weight loss definitely helped her further her career plans in more ways than one. Aiman Khan only takes 2 meals per day with low calorie, and does not take a lot of carbohydrates.

Hira Mani:

Hira Mani before and after pictures

How can anyone maintain their Physique after being a mother of 2 young boys? Hira Mani has worked really hard to stay in shape, Hira gained a lot of weight a few years back but she knew as an actor she had to lose weight to get more projects. Hira Mani loves doing Yoga and it has helped her reach her goal, but she also goes to the gym and exercises in order to look young and fresh, as we can see from the pictures she does not look like a mother of two at all! kudos to her.

Ayesha Omar:

Ayesha Omar before and after pictures

Ayesha Omar is a multi-talented actress who started her career as a VJ and a model, She gained huge fandom after her drama Bulbulay, let’s just not forget how hard she has worked to lose tons of weight and is now an icon when we talk about fitness and weight loss. She has shared her weight loss journey on many TV shows as well as on her social media, the actress often post pictures of her working out at the gym and doing Yoga, she also comes LIVE on her Instagram and shares her daily diet plans with fans.

Ayesha’s weight loss journey started after her mother’s skin disease eczema and her family searched ways to eradicate her illness, they found out how refined carbs as well as processed foods needed to be excluded from her diet. Ayesha started to use the same diet rules for and ever since there has been no turning back. It was a life changing experience for her and she felt like a totally new person in her very own skin, Ayesha has really inspired us all.

Minal Khan:  

Mina Khan before and after pictures

Minal Khan joined the Pakistani entertainment industry at very young age and has grown into a beautiful and talented lady. She has worked in some great serials and earned her name. Minal decided to lose weight along with her sister Aiman Khan who is also a great actress, she made a diet plan and started following that, her diet includes 1 cup black coffee as soon as she wakes up, for breakfast she eats 3 boiled eggs, one bread slice with veggies and protein for lunch, and for snacks she started to eat fruits all the way, in dinner she takes soup with protein, bread and veggies. We can clearly see from the pictures how hard she has worked to look fit than ever, her features are more obvious and makes her look great on the big screen along with her phenomenal acting.

Minal is recently basking love for her phenomenal acting in drama serial Jalan.

Hareem Farooq:

Hareem Farooq before and after pictures

Hareem has always given her best to the industry, and is known for her work in the serial Diyar-e-Dil, apart from being an actress she is also a film producer and the first female celebrity to get the honor of hosting Pakistan Super League. We have always seen Hareem talking about body shaming and the struggle she had to go through for her weight loss journey, though she says “weight does not define where I stand as an artist”.  She went on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Hareem says that she was not only diet conscious but also exercised a lot in order to get in a good shape. The difference between Hareem Farooq’s before and after picture is crystal clear, her weight loss journey has inspired everyone!  

We hope these talented actresses motivate you to work for your goals and not to stop until you achieve them.