A better version of Hum Jee Lenge by Mustafa Zahid feat Saboor Aly

Remember when we just couldn’t stop playing the song “Hum Jee Lenge” from Bollywood film Murder 3 on repeat? Buckle up, a better version of it has just arrived!

Kaisay Jiyein by Mustafa Zahid

Mustafa Zahid, Pakistan’s beloved music composer and the lead singer of the band Roxen, famous for our all-time favorite songs “Toh Phir Aao” and “Tera Mera Rishta” has just released his latest song “Kaise Jiyein” – the original version of “Hum Jee Lenge” and we assure you, the music video will bring tears to your eyes!

Featuring Saboor Aly, the epitome of beauty and talent, the video starts off with Mustafa on his way home to her with a present in his hands while Saboor gets ready for dinner. Things take a drastic turn when she gets murdered right before Mustafa comes home and the cops arrive and take Mustafa into custody, thinking he’s the one behind her murder.

Mustafa Zahid & Saboor Aly

While you might be thinking this is probably just another typical music video with a mainstream idea, we highly recommend watching the video till the end.

Kaise Jiye by Mustafa Zahid

Why? Because these 4 minutes and 3 seconds are packed with the most unexpected emotions, plot twists, and such overwhelming suspense, leaving you in absolute awe! Don’t believe us and think we’re exaggerating? See the video and decide for yourself!