Ali Azmat’s rare pictures with his wife and daughter

Ali Azmat would stand on top whenever there is a list of Pakistan’s most iconic musicians. He is better known for his band Junoon along with Salman Ahmed.

Ali Azmat family pictures 

Back in 2001, Junoon became the first Pakistani band ever to perform at the United Nations General Assembly.

Ali Azmat is among the Pakistani celebrities who got married a bit late. He tied the knot with television producer Fariha Khan Chapra. The couple has two daughters together, Ella and Mia.

The former Junoon vocalist didn’t want to get married but eventually he gave into pressure from his father. 

According to Ali Azmat, the birth of his first daughter made him realize the true meaning of love. The renowned musician now regret getting married late as he thinks about having more kids which he doesn’t think he can have now. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of Ali Azmat and his family.

Ali Azmat family pictures

Ali Azmat family pictures

Ali Azmat with daughters

Ali Azmat with his daughter

Ali Azmat with wife

Ali Azmat with wife and daughter

Ali Azmat daughter Birthday

Ali Azmat wedding picture

Ali Azmat with daughters and wife

Ali Azmat with his wife & daughters

About Ali Azmat:

Ali Azmat was born in Havelian, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in April 20, 1970. His first band Jupiter, considered as one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, used to perform at minor music shows in Lahore

It was during his time with Jupiter when Ali Azmat came up with his hit song Dosti

After struggling with Junoon for some time, with release of the band’s second album Talaash, Ali Azmat shot to fame.

Not just in Pakistan but Ali’s popularity has gone beyond the border. He made an entry in Bollywood after his Garaj Bars featured in the movie Paap. Again in 2012, Ali Azmat lended his voice to Bollywood erotic thriller Jism 2 for hit songs such as Yeh Jism Hai Toh Kya and Maula.