Ali Gul Pir trolled Kangana Ranaut over her tweets

Internet is an amusing space, and so are the celebrities who are constantly working hard to top headlines on social media.

Ali Gul Pir and Kangna Ranaut

This time around, Ali Gul Pir’s innocent questions on Bollywood actor Kangana’s tweet gave us all a chance to laugh.

In a recent tweet, the BJP supporter Kangana Ranaut called Jasmeet Singh a companion of Rihana who according to her is a ‘porn singer’.

Jasmeet Singh is a Canada-based politician who is popularly believed to be supporting Khalistan, a separate Sikh Country.

Kangana ran her horses on Jasmeet Singh’s tweet about supporting the farmers who recently protested against the current government in Indian capital Delhi.

Kangana had been feeding upon controversies in the past, just like she did with this tweet.

The tweet game took an interesting turn when the famous young Pakistani comedian Ali Gul Pir asked her about what a porn singer is?

Ali skillfully trolled Kangana by asking naïve questions such as does a porn singer only sing for porn movies?

Kangana,on the other hand completely missed the sarcasm im Ali’s tweet,and defined a porn singer as one who supports sensual singing.

Ali retorted back with another witty reply to her tweet, silently attributing whatever she said to be exactly true for herself.

Ali Gul PirAli Gul Pir

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