Alizeh Shah rescued by Momina Mustehsan on all the criticism

The super cute and multi talented actress, Alizeh Shah, has been under severe criticism recently following the release of her debut song along with Sahir Ali Bagga. The Ehd-e-wafa actress was on the receiving end of lots of criticism for her attire in the music video. The song titled Badnamiyan went viral as soon as it was released but for all the wrong reasons.

Alizeh Shah & Momina Mustehsan

Now, just two weeks later, netizens are again criticizing her for her wardrobe during the launch of mobile phone. Alizeh Shah can be seen reviewing the newly launched phone alongside Feroze Khan.

Here’s what netizens are saying:

Momina Mustehsan comes out in support of Alizeh Shah

Replying to a comment on social networking site, Instagram, the gorgeous actress defended Alizeh Shah against all the hatred.

“In search of fame, she (Alizeh Shah) lost her beauty,” a user wrote. 

But, Momina Mustehsan was quick to shut down the troll in style. She said that she is still the same person but expressing herself differently now. 

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“You and I wouldn’t be here on her page if she hadn’t already gained the fame you are implying she changed herself to chase. If anything, I’m sure you guys have made her more than aware of your sentiments towards her choices– yet she is choosing to be herself,” wrote Momina Mustehsan

The singer advised the user to allow people to express themselves the way they want.