Asim Azhar gets trolled on his 24th Birthday

Renowned singer Asim Azhar celebrated his 24th birthday with family and close friends on 29th October. 

Asim Azhar trolled on his 24th Birthday

The Humrah singer posted picture on his Instagram account from the birthday celebration.

Asim’s friends from the entertainment industry flooded the comments section with some lovely birthday messages, but some fans started trolling the singer about his rumored ex girl friend Hania Aamir.

Asim Azhar Birthday troll comments

Asim Azhar Birthday troll comments

Asim Azhar Birthday troll comments

Many started to question Asim about Hania not being there at the party, as earlier this year Asim threw her a “Stranger Things” themed birthday party at Super Space, Karachi. He invited all their friends and family. Asim decided to think out-of-the-box and blindfold her to the venue and surprised her.

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We expected the same from Hania on his birthday, but unfortunately the two have parted their ways and un-followed each other on social media.

Celebrities now days are famous for short-lived relationships, we wonder what could be the reasons of their break up, may be because finding and holding on to relationship are harder for someone who’s popular. Not only is your love life under a microscope, but the very nature of fame might change how you think and act in relationships.

Whatever the reason is, we hope the two have a good future in industry and may be become friends again.

Asim released four songs this year including, Humrah, Tum Tum, Soneya, and Tasveer.