Bisconni Music S2 is a Runaway Success

Bisconni Music has made a name for itself as being a pioneer of independent music labels. The show is a first-of-its-kind televise program whose name shines bright because of the love and fan following it has gathered in a very short span of time. The idea behind the label was to put out music for music enthusiasts who are ready to explore and give a chance to new and different forms of music. The target audience for Bisconni Music wants songs that are upbeat, catchy and get them hooked right from the first musical note.

The show has a variety of singers and musicians that have been gathered from all corners of Pakistan. Bisconni has continued to follow its tradition of taking the path less explored. This is reflected in the kind of performances that we have seen so far in the season. They are fresh, exciting, and will be remembered for a long time.

Bisconni Music is the first of its kind music label that has managed to create a platform where young and seasoned singers can perform together. It is a program that churns out a broad-ranging mix of melodies across different genres. This is why each song sounds so different. There are happy songs and sad ones. If you want a love song, there is one about heartbreak. There are Sufi songs as well as hip-hop fusion tracks. BM has got it all for its fans and listeners.

It is indeed a proud moment for Team Bisconni to be displaying a musical platform that celebrates originality and diversity. 

“We were overwhelmed with the response that we received for the first season of Bisconni Music because it really showed us that Pakistanis are in search of fresh and original music; this is the roaring era of Music in the country. We were ecstatic to bring back a bigger and better season 2 and with the artist lineup that we had and the diversity in genres, I believe we did justice,” Bisconni’s Senior General Manager – Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy, Mohammad Sabir Godil Said.

 The list of artists that have performed for Bisconni Music in the past has names such as Kashmir band, Mirage, and singers including Haroon Shahid, Shuja Haider, Saad Hayat, and Natasha Humera.

Bisconni Music’s USP lies in the way a song is done from idea to execution. The directors and producers behind the program keep reinventing themselves and the show. This is the major difference between the label apart and other shows such as Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement, and Sound Station. The aspect of freshness and newness is present in all of their productions. They make you dance to the beat and set your hearts racing with the display of music and lyrics. That’s what makes BM’s songs a must on every music lover’s playlist. The tracks get ‘fan-favorite’ status days after their release. People rave about the songs and play them on repeat.

The second season of Bisconni Music was released earlier this year, and you can best believe it when we say that we were entertained and amazed by what we heard. The second season is bigger, better, and has more amazing music than before, which is no mean feat. The songs of this season are chartbusters. The set design for the latest season is better than before with a bigger stage, hi-tech piano, and other musical instruments, including a Sitar.

The line-up for Bisconni Music is insane. It boasts of artists such as Aima Baig, Asrar Shah, Raafay Israr, Kashmir the band, Amanat Ali, Maria Unera, Mai Dhai and Asim Azhar. Every season of BM is produced by a different musician so that they can put their own creative spin on the show. The last season was produced by Saad Hayat, while the second season was helmed by Raafay Israr, who’s also part of the singers’ line-up.

The first song of the season was “Tu Mera Na Hua” which was performed by the versatile Aima Baig. After the song’s release, her and the song were trending topics on Twitter and garnered a lot of praise.

The second song was by musical maestro Asrar Shah called “Malang,” a mix of Sufi /eastern fusion. His voice, with his unique earthiness, made it one of the most adored tracks of this season. Shah’s look from the video of blingy red jacket, black shades, and his trademark man bun was also praised.

The third song of the season, “Ranjha,” was performed by Rafay Israr. It topped the charts and music lists of all channels because of its hip-hop element and beautiful Punjabi chorus. People were dancing to the song at weddings and parties soon after its release.

The fourth song of the season, “Yaaden,” featured Kashmir, a rock band, and classic folk singer Mai Dhai. The blend of their voices won hearts across the nation. While Mai Dhai sported her signature traditional attire, the boys were dressed in yellow and black, another aspect of the song that was loved by viewers.

The next song was “Dharkanen,” a duet sung by Amanat Ali and Maria Unera. The interesting lyrics and groovy vibe made the song an instant hit. The video was equally stunning with bright lights and matched styling.

 The sixth song of the season was “Pul Ja.” It was a hip-hop track and was performed by Asim Azhar. The melodious tune and heart-warming lyrics made it a sure-shot hit. Music critics and fans showered the song with praise as well as Asim’s bright orange look.

Expectations were high with the second season, and Bisconni Music lived up to all of them. The season already has memorable performances and original compositions that were unique and loved by all.

The songs have already amassed many views on YouTube and have topped music platforms such as SoundCloud and others. The season has inspired young artists to record covers of the songs in their own unique voices. The show has achieved popularity and love that has made all the hard work of the makers worthwhile. We can’t wait to see what more Bisconni Music has up its sleeves for all their fans. We congratulate them and wish them all the best.