Cola Next’s new TVC feat Saba Qamar highlights women empowerment

Have you spotted Saba Qamar bringing poise to your TV and phone screens?

Saba Qamar Cola Next TVC

Well, the lady in red, is promoting rapidly growing Beverage brand of Pakistan Cola Next. The theme of the TVC is an aspiration of women empowerment and equality, and what an amazing way to promote the brand.

Cola Next chose to highlight that the power of women is no less. And the queen, Saba Qamar has nailed it with absolute grace and strength, be it the beginning of the ad where she enters in a red hooded cloak, and grabs a bottle of Cola Next, from the ice box. Didn’t we all crave for it secretly, in that very moment?

Saba Qamar Cola Next

Then she is spotted in a dressing room backstage and her all white outfit is the real statement of her attitude and beauty. Just after the whole backstage scene, she walks the ramp in a beautiful red dress and shows how everyone is a hero. The red, black and white theme of Cola Next, continues in the next sequences of dance on the cruise and Saba‘s bike and fight scene. The whole TVC reflects on how being a female is as empowering as any other gender and that women are not only a sign of beauty and elegance, but are also smart and tough.

Talking of the monologue by Saba Qamar, it has repeated the strength she puts out in all her interviews. She brings to attention, the importance of continuous learning and growth.

Saba Qamar Cola Next

The commercial has been videographed and presented just like a movie scene. Amazing shots  angles, and graphics. If it had not been shot this way, the message would not have been transmitted in such an inspirational manner.

The whole TVC is an amazing way to break the ice in the world of gender discrimination. The elegance and strength of women, in today’s world, is all that one needs to conquer and Cola Next promoted the message in the best way. Sometimes it is not just about one brand, it is about the change that it brings to our society.

And as a society and an individual, it is our responsibility to Level barhaa, kuch Next kar, Josh ko apne test kar!

Team Cola Next has won all our hearts. Have you guys tried the drink yet?

Digital & PR Agency: Kreative Sparks