Ertugrul producers signed Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui

In another exciting news, an agreement has been reached between two drama and film production companies of Pakistan and Turkey to work jointly. 

Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui to work with Ertugrul producers

Actor Adnan Siddiqui shared a video of producer Kashif Ansari on Instagram, in which he was seen talking to the media in Istanbul, Turkey with Kamal Tekdin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the production company Tekdin Films. In the short video, Kashif Ansari said that an agreement had been reached between Pakistan’s Ansari Films and Turkey’s Tekdin Films Production Houses to work on a joint venture.

In the short video, besides Kashif Ansari, the CEO of Turkish production company Kamal Tekdin also said that an agreement has been reached between the production houses of the two countries to work on joint projects.

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Kashif Ansari of Ansari Films said that there are other personalities involved in the said agreement and project. He said that actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed are also part of the joint venture, but did not specify how the two actors are part of the project and what their role will be.

Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui to work with Ertugrul producers

However, it is expected that the two production houses will jointly produce a film or drama in which actors from both the countries will be seen. More details of the deal will be revealed in the next few weeks.

It should be noted that the Pakistani production house has entered into an agreement with the same production company which had also produced the well-known Turkish play Ertugrul Ghazi.

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The Urdu dubbed version of Ertugrul Ghazi has been aired on Pakistan Television Network (PTV) since April and it has also smashed a number of records.