Esra Bilgic advised a fan on criticizing her dressing

The very talented and gorgeous Turkish actress Esra Bilgic, our Pakistani’s favorite Halima baji usually gets comments on the pictures she posts on Instagram by our keyboard warriors.

Esra Bilgic replied to a fan about her dressing

They actually wait for Esra‘s pictures to be posted, and our people are ready to troll her on how to dress up, as they have a great habit of moral policing everyone.

Esra Bilgic comments by Pakistani fans

Esra Bilgic usually ignores the trolls and doesn’t react to it, but the actress have had enough this time she actually shuts up one of the Pakistani fan for commenting on the way she dress up. She said “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me”. We love Esra for standing up for her-self.

Esra Bilgic reply to a fan

For God’s sake! Can we stop criticizing the actress and appreciate her talent for once?

Earlier, our Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain also shared his views on the Turkish drama Ertugul Ghazi and said PTV should produce a show with Islamic history where the cast and the crew are local, from Pakistan, not from Turkey or elsewhere. We wonder if Esra also replies back to our celebs.

Moreover, Esra Bilgic is now brand ambassador for Mobilink Jazz. As many other Pakistani who also love and respect the actress want her to work in Pakistani industry.