Esra Bilgiç slams CCPO Lahore over victim blaming in Motworay incident

CCPO Lahore Umer Sheikh‘s insensitive comments about the victim of motworay gang rape incident has even made Esra Bilgiç aka Halime Sultan angry. 

Esra Bilgic to CCPO Lahore

The horrific incident that happened on motorway had sent shock waves around the country. But instead of taking action and arresting the culprits, CCPO Lahore blamed the victim for traveling late at night with her kids.

Following his statements people across the country had demanded the government to sack him. Later, he apologized for his remarks.

Esra Bilgiç slams CCPO Lahore: 

Sharing a video of his statement on her Instagram, Esra Bilgiç lashed out at Umer Sheikh for victim blaming. 

“Women can drive alone or with their children,” Esra Bilgiç wrote. She added that the ”only thing you need to do is provide security.”

“You’re okay with gangs’ presence on your roads as a POLICE OFFICER? You think that if a woman chooses those roads to drive, there is a right to RAPE and KILL them?,” Esra questioned. 

“You’re displaying a shocking ignorance on this matter,” she added. Esra Bilgiç further stated that before advising, CCPO Lahore should change his views but it seems impossible. “What a shame on you and people like you,” she concluded.