Esra Bilgic to be Peshawar Zalmi ambassador?

Did we get it right? Did all this cheering for Ertugrul serve us right?

Well, seems to be.

Esra Bilgic Peshawar Zalmi

A few months back a Turkish show gained immense popularity in Pakistan for it’s relationship with the Islam and the spontaneous dialogues. In Ramadan, it was also aired on PTV. In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan also suggested the country to watch it. However, the drama became bigger than just a show. People started relating it to real life, especially the characters. The internet has been going crazy over the actors, specifically the leads that include Esra Bilgic who played Halima Sultan.

Her beauty and character has captured everyone’s heart. On one hand, Pakistanis have been trying to school her to become a better Muslim, while on the other hand, brands are dying to take her onboard as an ambassador. And finally, Javed Afridi from Peshawar Zalmi has won the race. The two were engaged in a conversation on Twitter. One thing led to another and now, Esra will be the brand ambassador for Peshawar Zalmi really soon.

In other news, the Turkish actress also tweeted that she will soon be a part of three big brands in Pakistan and we are still waiting for the names to be revealed.

What do you have to say about Esra‘s association with Peshawar Zalmi, and foreign brand ambassadors in Pakistan?