Feroze Khan talks about his relation with Hania Aamir

In a recent interview with ‘Something Haute’, the Khani star Feroze Khan finally spoke about the rumors surrounding his relationship with Hania Aamir.

Feroze Khan and Hania Amir

The young heartthrob seems upset with the role of journalists regarding the issue.

Answering to a question he said ‘We need to depict the on screen chemistry as a couple when they are shown being married to each other and then having a child. Both of us had to make it look natural and Hania was comfortable with acting the part. She is a great co-star’

Taking it further, he addressed the rumor mongering to be baseless and says ‘I am not in a place to talk about Hania and Asim’s breakup, but people should understand that we(stars) too have parents, we too have emotions’.

He further pinpointed Ali Haider, a Samaa TV journalist, about covering the whole rumor with headlines such as ‘there was so much between the two on the set of Ishqiya, we know all about it.

The actor seems extremely displeased with the way media covered the rumor saying they did it only for their two rupees.

Quoting Hania Aamir’s reaction about the rumor he says ‘Hania called me and asked the next day, ‘what is happening bro’.

Feroze Khan and Hania Aamir together

From his statements it is obvious that both of them are co-stars only with nothing intimate between them.