Hamza Ali Abbasi explained actual reason for leaving Showbiz again

Soon after starting is showbiz career, Hamza Ali Abbasi became one of the most famous celebrities of Pakistan. From Pyarey Afzal, drama which boosted his career, to other limited projects including Mann Mayal, Alif, Parvaaz Hai Junoon, he has always been appreciated and loved by fans for his acting skills and looks.

Hamza Ali Abbasi talks about real reason of leaving showbiz

Last year, news circulated that Hamza Ali Abbasi has announced that he will not be a part of the media industry anymore. But now some rumors are circulating that he has decided to come back to media and people are badly criticizing it.

In a recent interview, Hamza Ali Abbasi talked about his statement of leaving the industry, he said: “Those who are saying that I did Tobah from showbiz, I am surprised that my video is still present on my channel and on the internet, no one bothered watching the video which is only 17 minutes long.” He continued “I used these words knowingly that I am leaving media not because I think it’s haram in Islam. I said categorically on it that I even have a conclusion that I feel that art, media, every sort of art if done in a certain limit confined by Allah, is not only Halal but it’s the necessity of the hour that we use it.

I am getting aside because I wanted time to study and needed time to share answers with people.”

He further showed disappointment in how the media has circulated improper news without listening to his complete statement.

Having left showbiz for the sake of religion, Hamza Ali Abbasi is currently spending quality time with his family.

Hamza Ali Abbasi photo shoot

Hamza Ali Abbasi with his wife and son