Hira Mani gets criticized for celebrating Holi with friends

Just a few days back, the festival of Holi was celebrated with zest and zeal all over the world including Pakistan. Although, its a Hindu festival but a lots of people do celebrate it irrespective of their religion.

Hira Mani bashed for celebrating Holi

Pakistani celebrities also wished the Festival of Colors to their fans on their social media pages. Renowned Pakistani celebrity couple, Hira and Mani, were spotted celebrating the festival.

Videos and pictures from their Holi celebrations went viral over the internet. They can be seen dancing to the tunes of music while they celebrate the event.

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As soon as the video and pictures went viral over the internet, netizens bashed the couple for celebrating the event.

Netizens asked if people of other religions also celebrate Muslims’ religious events. Here’s what the social media users have to say:

Comments on Hira Mani celebrating Holi

Public reaction on Hira Mani celebrating Holi

Comments on Hira Mani celebrating Holy

Public reaction on Hira Mani celebrating Holy

Hira Mani is a well known actress of our showbiz industry having played dozens of hit roles.  Despite the fact that she is one of the most loved celebrities of Pakistan, she has also been on the receiving end of criticism.

Few months back, netizens bashed her for her choice of wardrobe. The Kashaf star was slammed after she posted a couple of pictures from her photoshoot.

Hira Mani at a Holi Party

Salman Sheikh Mani at a Holi party

Parmesh Adiwal Holi party

Holi Party 2021 in Karachi

Holy Party 2021 in Karachi