Imran Abbas expresses his view about TikTok

Everyone in Pakistan is fond of TikTok and this application is one of the most used applications in Pakistan. Even Imran Abbas, the handsome drama star, who once expressed dislike for the app, agrees now.

Imran Abbas expresses his views about TikTok

In a recent interactive session on Instagram, Imran Abbas responded to a question and said that he never said he “disliked this app”. Rather he believes “TikTok is an amazing app where people express themselves in lots of creative and funny ways and entertain others.” He continued “It’s just the use of anything which makes it likable or vice versa.

Imran Abbas share his point of view about TikTok

Imran Abbas expressed that he does not like if people cross the limit to gain followers as he further said: “I have a lot of respect for TikTokers. I just do not like it when people cross a certain limit, become obnoxious or absent, or risk their lives in order to raise followers.”

He also added a piece of good news for his fans that he might make his TikTok debut soon as he receives thousands of messages from them.

Imran Abbas requested his followers to use TikTok “in a positive, creative and productive way.”

Before that, when a fan had asked the actor if he used TikTok in a Q&A session on Instagram, Imran had said: “I do not use TikTok, and please do not ask my opinion about this app.”

Imran Abbas replying about TikTok

Furthermore, the actor had shown delight, when in October the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned TikTok over “immoral content”, saying “2020 is not so bad.”

Imran Abbas in his winter outfit

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