Imran Khan or his lookalike on a Rikshaw in Sialkot?

Recently, a video got viral featuring a man having much resemblance with the young version of Prime Minister Imran Khan and people thought it’s really old video of him.

Imran Khan duplicate found

In the video, you can see that this person is sitting at the back of a Rikshaw in Sialkot. Someone made a video of this scene while jokingly saying that this is our Prime Minister Imran Khan.

To end our readers’ confusion, this man is not PM Imran Khan but has an uncanny resemblance to his younger version of the 1980s.

Imran Khan in his early 90's

In 2018 also, a video of PM Imran Khan driving a Mehran went Viral. Supporters of PTI took it to Social Media and rant slogans of #SayNOToProtocol and #ImranKhanOurLeader. 

Such videos get famous on social media and are a source of mere amusement. 

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan