Indian cricketers criticized for supporting Shahid Afridi

It seems like the two countries Pakistan and India will never be normal, as both countries are unable to resolve their differences and develop a good neighborly relationship.

However the world is facing the contagious pandemic Covid-19 and locked downs, millions of people are dying out of hunger because the businesses are shut.

Shahid Afridi Indian Cricketers

Shahid Afridi‘s appeal for donations to help people affected by the deadly virus in Pakistan is getting overwhelming support from all around the World.

Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh took their social media to support Shahid Afridi.

These are testing times, it’s time to look out for each other, and I am supporting Shahid Afridi” Yuvraj wrote on Twitter in a call for funds.

The world is passing through extremely testing and unprecedented times. Let’s do our bit to help @SAfridiOfficial @SAFoundationN doing gr8 work plz join hands with them nd contribute whatever u can.’’ Harbhajan posted on his Twitter.

People started to write abusive comments on the post and call both cricketers “Gaddar” for supporting Pakistan.

Indians are not happy about it at all “you have completely lost it” wrote a Twitter user, “you should support India first before helping the neighbor country” added another.

The tensions between India and Pakistan are deeply rooted in their common history therefore it is impossible for them to maintain a good relationship and support each other in times of need.