Irfan Junejo and Ducky Bhai gets into another fight

Youtuber Irfan Junejo and Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai have gotten into another figher after the latter slammed TikToker Ali Khan Hyderabadi for his recent controversial comments during a video chat with a fan.

Irfan Junejo & Ducky Bhai gets into a fight

Following Ali Hyderabadi colourist comments, a number of YouTubers had bashed him including Ducky Bhai. Yesterday, Junejo called out Ducky Bhai for his hypocrisy. 

“I am really glad Ducky Bhai made a video telling his 12-year-old fans why it’s NOT OKAY to make fun of somebody’s face and their looks. That is a strong message,” Irfan Junejo wrote.

He continued “I hope someday some TikToker calls their female fan a khusra for having a masculine voice or calls them a chakka for being too feminine so his 12-year-old fans can also, understand why THAT IS NOT OKAY AS WELL.”

In another tweet the Vlogger said that Ducky‘s videos are proof enough of his hypocrisy. He pointed out how his fellow YouTuber has been involved in body shaming others but then calls out other people for colorist comments.

He further wrote that he is missing the time when Ducky Bhai had no problem with body shaming but now his inner social activist has woken up just because a TikToker did the same. 

Replying to his series of tweets, Ducky said that he is missing the time when Irfan Junejo used to love all his videos about Nasir Khanjan, Sham Idrees and others but now he thinks its toxic.

Replying to one of Junejo‘s tweet, where he had shared a YouTube video of Ducky making fun of somebody’s face, Saad ur Rehman yet again reminded him of his support despite the videos which Junejo now considers as not good. 

Irfan Junejo asked Ducky Bhai to admit that there is no difference between him and Ali Hyderabadi. 

Saad ur Rehman then replied to his tweet with a detailed video.

Their Twitter spat hasn’t come to an end as Ducky Bhai is yet to answer to a couple of questions from Junejo. 

In August, Irfan Junejo had disassociated himself from Ducky Bhai.