Is Saba Qamar finally in Love?

With most of the Pakistani actresses having recently tied the knot such as Sana Javed, Sarah Khan, Hina Altaf and others. Fans are wondering if some prominent names of the showbiz industry such as Saba Qamar is also planning to get married or at least give us some hint about her relationship status. Well, she might just have.

Saba Qamar hinted her relationship?

Last night, Saba Qamar took to her Instagram and made a birthday wish for an anonymous person. “Happy Birthday love,” the Baaghi actress wrote without mentioning anyone.

Saba Qamar instagram story about Love

We often see celebrities wishing each other on their special occasions but Saba Qamar didn’t mention who the birthday wish was for. Is this hinting towards Saba Qamar finally finding her love? We hope, it does.

Saba Qamar about her relationship:

Earlier this year, she started off her Youtube journey with a bang when she opened up about being in an abusive relationship for eight years.

Saba Qamar shooting for a film

The beautiful actress had said that “since a young age, girls are taught that you should rather die than leaving the first man in your life. This one sentence also ruined eight years of my life.”

She further added that the person she spent 8 year with ruined her mind as he used lie, misbehave, even assault her and then later apologies.