Junoon’s iconic song Sayonee killed by Bollywood

Sayoone, without a shadow of doubt, is one of the most loved Pakistani songs ever made. Sung by the world famous band, Junoon, even decades later the song is as popular as it was back then.


But wait a minute, the song is again trending on top over the internet for all the wrong reasons and very rightfully so. T-Series, a popular Indian music company, has decided to remake or it would be appropriate to say ruined the song.

Arijit Singh, who is known for his melodious voice, has absolutely destroyed the song. Arijit Singh‘s rendition of Sayonee was released just a day ago and we strongly advise against listening to it.

Pakistanis are absolutely furious. A Twitter users wrote that Sayoone is something you shouldn’t be attempting to remake.

Here’s what netizens has to say about this song:

Although, most of the Twitteratis are of the opinion that this is song is being blatantly stolen but this doesn’t seem so. As we know, musicians send legal notices to each other if they feel there work has been stolen.

A music label as bigger as T-Series wouldn’t risk their reputation by stealing a song without asking the original creators for their permission. Renowned freelance writer on pop culture, Ahmed Naqvi, also feels the same.