Leopards Stories – An Insider to Journey to the Top

Strong Organizations have an auspicious human resource connection with their employees. These connections transform the performance of the organization. Similarly, Leopards Courier values their employees and build strong relationships. In addition, the employees become highly motivated and outperform their tasks, going an extra mile to achieve all targets set out. Recently, Leopards Courier Services launched Leopards Stories that unveiled a very emotional and positive side of the organization, an exclusive series of Pakistan’s first-ever Courier Industry based Professionals Digital Reality Show in the form of Visual storytelling. Leopards Stories brought out the perspectives of employees and the company’s vision (Vision 2030). Vision2030 promises an ambitious roadmap that will satisfy all the needs of its stakeholders. These stakeholders are the customers, employees, management, and every other person that is connected with Leopard Courier Services.

Amidst the covid-19 pandemic, numerous companies fired their staff and ceased employment opportunities. However, Leopards Courier Services retained their employees, even hired new employees and uplifted their morale through performance-based rewards. In a time of calamity, the company came through and invested in people. Leopards Courier Services followed the required SOPs and performed their tasks honestly without any hindrance due to pandemic. It also helped in delivering essential medical supplies across the country in the time of need, when most of the players in the Courier Industry had completely shut down operations.

Leopards Stories – An Insider to Journey to the Top

Two Stories have already been published on Social Media under the banner of Leopards Stories. The first of the stories is of Mr. Sajid Ali, the youngest Zonal Head in the Leopards Courier Services network, who is the son of a local farmer from Sanghar, Sindh and the second is of Mr. Anwar Chaudry, who started his career at Leopards as a Receptionist 18 years back and is now the Regional Sales Head Corporate South region. Leopards Courier shall be bringing many more such stories in future to celebrate the company and employee’s relationship. The most important aspect of these interviews shall be to express true emotions and create direct relationship with the audience. It is amazing to learn about the astute responses of the organization that overwhelmed their customers with emotions. Customers give their blessings to the employees due to their apt responses. Such types of connections are beyond the typical business connection and they stay forever. Furthermore, Leopards Courier Services have a one-window model for all types of deliveries, regarding large enterprises or personal deliveries.

Leopards Courier Service

Leopards Stories will be bringing more such interesting stories of their beloved employees to unravel the tales of the company’s employment journeys. The highlight of the Leopards Stories is the fact that Leopards Courier Services believes in employee retention. Average age of working for an employee at Leopards is 17+ years. There are employees who have been working for more than 38 years and have grown with the organization. It also highlights the transparent hiring process and meritocracy.

Leopards Courier Services also focuses on remote areas that are still underdeveloped. They hire deserving people from these areas and promote them on the basis of merit. Hence, their employees understand the needs of customers and how to handle different queries. The Leopards work around the clock and in different parts of the country to fulfill their duties. The unparalleled discipline and untiring work ethic distinguishes Leopards Courier Services from other Courier services.

Leopards Courier Services have come a long way to distinguish their value in their customer’s hearts. They have worked tirelessly to maintain these relationships and build new ones. The employees of Leopards Courier Services are the real Leopards by heart and perform their tasks with agility and responsibility.