Mawra Hocane once decided to leave Showbiz due to hate on social media

Mawra Hocane, a well-known Pakistani actress, acted in various top hit dramas like Sabaat, Aangan, and many others. She is famous all across Pakistan due to her glam and acting. She got appreciation from all across the country and received many awards.

Mawra Hocane once decided to leave showbiz

In a recent conversation with actor turned host Mira Sethi, Mawra disclosed that she get demoralized by the trolls and hate on social media, that she fled the country, and decided to leave acting all along.

Despite appreciating her hard work, people always find a loose corner to pull someone’s leg. Hocane revealed that her experience with social media put a negative impact on her life in the past, online trolling made her afraid and people threatened her for just a slip of tongue.

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She expressed her feelings and said:

“People never get satisfied, and we all can’t change our lives according to their expectations. They have to think that we are also human beings we have the same feelings as they all have. So when people started putting questions on my dressing sense, making jokes about my slim figure, made fun of my voice…. It all affected me so much that a time had come when I made a decision to leave my acting career back and start a new life somewhere else.”

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Putting a light on the condemnation and criticism, she has had to face she added, “I am getting over it with time, but back in times people’s negative approval made me disheartened, and my life miserable. While giving an interview, it is possible that person may say something wrong at the particular instance that is not intended, but it took me years to realize this.

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