Meera Jee is making a film on her own life

Pakistani actress Meera is less known for her acting and more for her controversies. She always finds her way into the news headlines one way or another.

Meera Jee making a film on her own life

Now, the latest news circulating regarding Meera is that she has decided to make a film on her life and the script of the film is also in works.

The story of the film is being written by the scriptwriter Suraj Baba. Suraj revealed the news in a video message with Meera and said that “I am present with the actress Meera at the moment”. He said that the producer of the film is Meera Jee herself.

Suraj Baba said that the title of this film will be “Ma’m Sahib“. He added that the main character of this film is also the Baji actress  because she had said in a press conference that she is both the heroine of films as well as her real life.

The veteran actress recently landed in a controversy after an organizer accused her of turning back on her word after taking an advance money for an event. As per an organizer, Saleem Guddu, Meera was supposed to perform at an even for which she was paid as much as Rs. 100K but she never showed up costing him more than half a million rupees.

The actress denied the allegations in a press conference.

Meera Jee financial issues