Meera Jee would hang herself if proved guilty in financial case

Lollywood diva, Meera Jee, has come out to answer all the allegations levelled against her by an organizer Saleem Guddu. 

Meera Jee says she would hang herself if proved guilty

In a press conference, the famous actress said that she will hang herself if the allegations against her proved true. “If the allegations against me are proved true, I will hang myself,” she said.

“Some people are accusing a real-life heroine like me” the Baaji actress added. An emotional Meera Jee said that she has given favors to a few people for the sake of humanity.

“I present my records to all agencies. You may (try and) hold me accountable.”

Meera Jee financial issues

The whole story:

An organizer Saleem Guddu claimed that the Lollywood actress ran away with as much as 100K rupees and some dresses after promising to perform at an event in Hyderabad. He added that being unable to fulfill her commitment, Meera Jee costed him 600K rupees.

The 43-year-old said that in order to prove her innocence, she would be showing the bank statements to the media.

Meera Jee financial issues

She has been having financial troubles for the last few months as she recently applied for financial assistance from the Artist Support Fund, funded by the Punjab Department of Information and Cultural Affairs. Meera had asked for a whopping 40 million to help her with her financial problems.

However, the request was turned down by the authorities and they offered to pay her Rs 5,000-10,000 at this stage.