Meet Azlan Shah, The Pakistani pioneer of making videos with exotic animals

Azlan Shah born and bred in Karachi had always been an animal lover since his childhood years. The love for petting animals derived from his family home where everyone in his house is an animal enthusiast.

Azlan Shah with his Exotic animals

As cliche as it sounds, his first love was a chick- a young bird; we are not talking about a women here.

Growing up, his bond with animals fostered by raising birds, kittens, puppies, cats, dogs and then as he became older; the love turned into an uncontainable passion.

With him getting his hands on his first exotic pet, a baby snake, the thrill only continued from there. Baby crocodiles, a Burmese python and a monitor lizard were introduced in his world.

Azlan Shah with Crocodile

Behind the scenes he was not just raising these beauties but also rescuing them. He has adopted many stray cats, not just at his home, but at his work place. His YouTube channel was the platform where he started uploading his videos with exotic animals and people were in awe.

Azlan was the first Pakistani who made a video with a Hyena. Again, this beast was rescued from poachers and then released back into the wild. His obsession with wild animals doesn’t just end here. Yes, you guessed right. We are talking about big cats.

Azlan Shah with Hyena

From lion cubs, to tiger, to leopard cubs he has rescued all. The name Azlan itself means Lion and some believe he’s a lion whisperer. But our guy has always been too humble to admit this..

His most viral video which was circulated in India was with a lion in the back of his car. His bond with Lions is what you may see on Dean Schieders channel. However, it’s not only strong with the ones raised in captivity but also with the ones he meets first time.

Azlan Shah with Lion

In a conversation with Azlan Shah, he expressed that he doesn’t recommend raising a wild animal unless releasing them back into the wild causes more harm to them. He is a wild life lover and is always ready to raise his voice for animal rights.

In a recent interactive talk with the Governor of Sindh Mr Imran Ismail, Azlan put forward his sentiments on how disturbed he is because of dog killings in Karachi. He proposed that killings should be stopped and a budget should be passed, where a method to neuter, vaccinate, and then release should be applied.

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Azlan’s future plan is to visit Africa and Madagascar and wishes to volunteer there at the national parks.