Mehwish Hayat has a lot to say on her 33rd birthday

Mehwish Hayat, the super model, actress and recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz, had a lot to say on her 33rd Birthday.

Mehwish Hayat celebrates her 33rd Birthday

In a recent Instagram post on her birthday where she could be seen celebrating with friends and family, she wrote a long note that covered many different themes.

Mehwish Hayat celebrating her 33rd birthday with her friend

Started with a thanking note she wrote:

Thank you everyone for all wonderful birthday messages – your love means so much.

She added:

As I turn 33 the past year gave me opportunity to reflect, assess my life and see what really matters to me.
Work has been so full on, I’d forgotten the simple pleasures in life; getting my mother oiling my hair , beating my brothers and Nephew at video games, watching Netflix with my sister – all things that I’d missed. Believe me nothing in life is as important as family.

Mehwish Hayat smiling

Giving out her thoughts about the societal pressure for women to get married early, she wrote:
Let’s not let society dictate the way we want to lead our life. It is possible for a girl in her early 30’s to be totally happy without being married and with children. It’ll happen when it will and not to some prescribed timetable.
Change needs to be systemic.

Mehwish Hayat posing with a cup in her hand

Switching the theme towards corporate social responsibility of celebrities, she added:

I am a little fed up of celebrities (including me) made ambassadors for meaningful causes that fizzle out after a grand launch and photo op. How many times have we flooded social media, taken out rallies after some distressing event and then what?

Criticizing the role of social media, she also pointed out towards her age to be wrongly reported on Wikipedia (according to Wikipedia, she was born in 1983, that makes her 39 years old):
Social media is great – it has really democratized freedom of speech like nothing else. But some have taken it as a license to abuse and bully others. Others see it as an excuse to spread fake news and malicious gossip. Wiki giving my age does not make it true!

Mehwish Hayat age

Switching yet to another theme of supporting each other, she added:
Let’s not knock but support each other. We have this culture of bringing each other down. This has to stop if we are to succeed as a nation. Let’s understand that we are in this together and my success – or anyone else’s – is something of pride for every Pakistani.

MehwishHayat with Pakistan's flag

In the end, she addressed depression and encouraged people to overcome misery, and shortcomings in these words:
“Depression is real”. Though my life may seem perfect, we all have our insecurities and shortcomings. But as long as we work towards inner healing and connecting with the divine, we are capable of overcoming everything that life throws at us.

Mehwish Hayat fashion photo shoot

The world was put on pause for us to reflect, how we come out of this is up to us. I, for one know the direction I need to take. My mother always teaches that we have to create our own destinies where ever that may lead. I will dare to dream and dare to dream big. Anything is possible if you believe.

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