Mehwish Hayat learning about Benazir Bhutto these days

Remember when last year we broke out the news of Benazir Bhutto‘s biopic being presented by Mehwish Hayat in the lead role? Well, now we have an update.

Mehwish Hayat to play Benazir Bhutto in a film

In her recent interview, the actress says that there is a non disclosure agreement in the project. She claims to love the biopic and as much as she would like to talk about it, she has been legally bound to do so.

She added that it’s an honor to play a strong character like the two-time prime minister of Pakistan. According to the actress, the late Bibi has lived an eventful life, from being born as a princess to a man like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, her carefree childhood to her times at Oxford, to her sudden assassination. It is all real and extremely inspirational.

Mehwish, furthermore, explained how absolutely difficult it is to play a real life character, let alone the classic that Benazir was. She says that the expectations are so high that it has become vital to not just mimick, but to bring out the true essence of her life and character.

Well, according to the Chhalawa actress, the movie is still in process and she is way too excited to play her role. For now, she has been reading more and more about Benazir Bhutto and all she gets is inspiration.

We are so sure, it will be a very interesting biopic and can not wait for it. What about you?