Nida Yasir apologizes for asking insensitive questions to Marwah’s parents

Pakistani morning shows have long been critized for crossing the line to get some TRPs. Nida Yasir is among those Pakistani celebrities, who have found themselves in the middle of controversies more than once. 

Nida Yasir with Marwah's parents

The popular morning show host, yet again, found herself in hot water after she invited parents of Marwah, another victim of child abuse. Marwah was found dead after being sexually assaulted. A week ago, Police arrested the prime suspect, Nawaz, in the case. 

Nida Yasir’s Cheap TRP Stunt: 

Nida Yasir invited the parents of the five-year old to her show and started asking them insensitive questions that eventually made them shed tears. 

She went as far as asking them minor details of how their daughter disappeared and what was she wearing. 

Ban Nida Yasir:

After clips from the morning show were shared by social media users, many expressed their anger and demanded to ban her from the TV. 

Famous TV host, Waqar Zaka, made a video and explained how you can play your part in banning Nida Yasir instead of abusing her. 

The trend, #BanNidaYasir, trended on top of Pakistani twitter. 

Here’s how people condemned her for her insensitive behavior:

Nida Yasir Apologizes:

Following the social media bashing, Nida Yasir posted a video on her Instagram and apologized. She explained what went on behind the scenes. 

“First of all I’d like to apologize. If I unconsciously hurt anyone’s intentions with my words and the questions I asked Marwah’s parents,” she said. 

According to Nida Yasir, her management didn’t approach Marwah’s but it was them who wanted to be on TV to bring this issue into everyone’s attention. She added that she didn’t do it for TRPs.

Moreover, Nida Yasir added that just a couple of days after her show, the rapist was arrested by the police. The morning TV show host said that she will be careful in the future.

Watch the video below: