Only Dulux paints gives you assurance that no one else can!

Selecting paints for home renovation is super exciting, you have tons of great ideas in your mind. The process of selecting paint color reflects the integral part of your personality. It affects your mood and energy levels with just the room color you choose. Paint colors have the power to change the shape and size of furnishing as well the size of room itself.

Dulux Paints assurance program in Pakistan

Most people look for color inspiration online and get their mind made up, they know exactly what color they want on the bedroom wall, on exterior of the house and lounge etc. With all the good things in mind comes this doubt what if the color they choose doesn’t come same on wall, what if the paint gets weird streaks and the finish is not flawless at all! And with seasonal changes it wears off quickly? What if the coverage is not stated?

AzkoNobel the creator of worldwide famous paints Dulux, which has been serving the quality products since 1931 are the pioneer and a trusted name in Pakistan. The brand’s motto is to deliver the perfect color, uniform finish and stated coverage. Dulux paints keeping the customer’s doubts in mind has come up with an initiative that has never been introduced here before, Dulux Assurance Program.

Dulux Paints assurance program TVC

They dropped the captivating ad few days ago giving customers a peek into this program. The ad shows how sometimes all we need is a promise or assurance to clear the haunting doubts and unlike others, Dulux assurance stands true on its promise. If the color doesn’t stand unto its mark, the finish and coverage is not up to the customer’s satisfaction then they can have it replaced and that too within 7 working days.

People want to make every penny they spend to be worth it, cant say about rest but for painting the home we are sorted thanks to Dulux assurance. Dulux assurance program sets the benchmark that experts promise is indeed worth it.

Dulux Paints Pakistan

We are off to selecting a color for our garden wall, Happy painting you all with Dulux Assurance!

To register for your claim or any details about the Dulux Assurance Program, consumers can contact Dulux Paints at: – duluxpakistan

Helpline – 0800-38589

Whatsapp – 0300-0138589

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