PEMRA bans repeat telecast of Ishqiya & Pyar Kay Sadqay

The Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has stopped ARY Digital and Hum TV from the repeat telecast of their hit dramas, Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay, over immoral content.

Ishqiya & Pyar Ke Sadqay

As per a notification issued by the electronic media watchdog, the decision was made following tons of complaints against the two dramas. Surprisingly, PEMRA’s decision has come after the aforementioned dramas have successfully concluded.

Moreover, PEMRA has also banned these two dramas from airing on ARY Zindagi and HUM Sitaray or any other sub channels. Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay have gained immense fame among the viewers.

Furthermore, PEMRA has also directed Ary Digital to review the content of its drama serial Jalan.

If PEMRA recieves any further complaints or the script of the drama is not made in accordance with the values of Pakistani society, PEMRA will be taking action as per PEMRA ordinance Section 27. According to Section 27, PEMRA has the authority to ban the broadcasting or re-broadcasting or distributing of any program if it finds to have pornographic, obscene, vulgar content.

In its notification, PEMRA added that the viewers have expressed their displeasure over the violation of sacred relationships in these dramas. Moreover, the electronic watchdog has also directed TV channels, media and production houses to review the content of their drama serials.

It warned that if the content of any drama is found to be against the values of Pakistani society, it will be banned without any notices or warnings. 

Not The First Time

Well, this isn’t the first time when PEMRA took action against a drama. Before this, PEMRA has also issued notices to several other dramas, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila being one of them. Talking to Iffat Omer on her show, Say It All With Iffat Omer, the writer of the drama, Bee Gul, revealed that she received several notices regarding her drama.