Pepsi released grand PSL song Khel Ja & Fawad Khan fans are disappointed

Another PSL song!

We are talking about the one that Pepsi came out with, just a couple of days ago. The song is called Khel Ja. It has been launched in an extravagant way but Fawad Khan fans seem to be disappointed. Every year Pakistan Super League brings an anthem and even though this year’s Tayyar Hain is not a big hit, it is still a little catchy, whereas the Khel Ja is not living it up to the lyrical craze!

Fawad Khan fans are unhappy with Khel Ja

Talking about the video, it is a grand one. A true delight that includes our stars including Fawad Khan, Wasim Akram and other cricketers. Despite Fawad being a part of the song, the fans are quite upset because the EP vocalist, only appears in the video twice: once in the beginning and then in the end.

The comments on the official video of Khel Ja, prove that everyone wants more of him. We feel that kind of disappointment, too.

Fawad Khan PSL 5 song

However, Pepsi has always proven to be one of the top brands associated with Pakistani cricket. Pepsi, every single year, runs an outstanding campaign for the PSL season in Pakistan. Even this year, where on one hand Fawad’s fans are a little down, other stars in the video have made their contribution to the fame of the song. This includes Haroon Shahid, Younis Khan, Aima Baig and a couple of contestants from Pepsi Battle of the Bands. And no matter what, the Pakistanis are loving it better than the official PSL anthem. The comments also say that this should be the anthem instead.

Now comes the irony of the whole situation. Both, Tayyar Hain and Khel Ja, are brought to you by Pepsi. However, Khel Ja is a complete Pepsi production and Tayyar Hain is not. Another common thing is the composition. Both the songs are composed by the Call Band legend, Xulfi, who has been working on some great projects including the ever loved Nescafé Basement.

Anyways, Tayyar Hain or Khel Ja, we all are absolutely in love with the whole enthusiasm of the HBL PSL 2020. What about you?