Rabia Anum walks out of Nida Yasir’s show in protest against Mohsin Abbas Haider [Video]

Nida Yasir‘s program “Good Morning Pakistan” has always been part of the news headlines. It has once again made its way back into the news following its today’s episode.

Renowned Pakistani anchor Rabia Anum Obaid walked out of the famous morning show due to the presence of Mohsin Abbas Haider. The renowned anchor was one of the guests on the show along with the Na Maloom Afraad‘s actor.

However, according to Rabia Anum, she was not informed about Mohsin Abbas’ presence in the show. The TV anchor explained her decision of leaving the program midway.

“There are certain mistakes in one’s life which never leave you. There is one thing I have always taken a stand against, which is domestic abuse. If my little effort can inspire my kids and friends, I have to do it. For this reason, I don’t want to be part of this show.”

Rabia Anum added that if she sits during the entire show, she will not be able to face her family, friends and colleagues.

It should be noted that Mohsin Abbas Haider‘s ex-wife, Fatima Sohail, had accused him of domestic abuse in 2019. Following her allegations, the actor was expelled from Mazaaq Raat.