Restaurants & Food Delivery to re-open in Karachi?

Are restaurants in Sindh opening anytime soon?

Well, seems like it. After being shut down from 21st March, the authorities have decided to loosen up for the business community. The economic hub of Pakistan has been limited to grocery and medical stores for the last few weeks, causing a great loss to the revenue, on public and private levels.

Food delivery to open in Karachi during lockdown?

The news of easing the lockdown from 15th April has been, reportedly, brought to the media by Commissioner, Iftikhar Shallwani but CM Murad Ali Shah‘s confirmation is still pending.

Currently, the grocery, general, meat and medical stores shut down by 5 PM, while the milk shops are opened until 8 PM. The only places completely open are, hospitals and self isolation centers.

The time limit has caused an extravagant crowd at the super markets, especially Imtiaz Super Store. But the check and balance by the police and rangers has limited Karachiites to their homes only.

The citizens have been going crazy to order and eat from outside, since Foodpanda had also closed down their services. However, food delivery and take away is still open in Lahore. On the brighter side, the situation has made all of us better cooks at home.

We still cannot figure out if this is a wise decision or not, considering the increasing count of COVID 19 positive-tested patients. But we urge you to stay home and safe.

Do you think this release is a good idea?