Sanam Jung breaks silence over divorce rumors

Sanam Jung nullifies her divorce rumours. The actress called the rumors to be ‘completely ridiculous’.

Sanam Jung breaks silence over her divorce news

She adds that she and her husband Qassam are happily married.

She posted a selfie with her husband on Instagram account and wrote, “I would just like to clarify that there is no truth to these rumors about Qassam and I splitting up. This rumor started from a fan comment on my Insta post and it’s completely ridiculous.”

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Breaking the stance of silence over the issue, she added:

“I didn’t plan on posting any kind of clarification or explanation but Qassam and my family have been getting concerned phone calls almost daily about this pressing issue”

Sanam Jung Replied to the comments

Continuing the caption, she wrote “Qassam and I are happily married and are about to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary next week. I would really appreciate if people stop posting these false rumors.”

Adding further, she declared a happy marriage in these statements:

“Alhamdullilah, we have an amazing family and are happily married & we look forward to spend the rest of our lives together inshallah!”

Calling out people not to spread rumors without knowing the facts, Sanum urged her fans in the following words:

“It is my sincere request to you all to not instigate such rumors and claim their truth without any factual knowledge,”

Asking for a bit of empathy towards stars she wrote:

“This is a very serious accusation at someone’s family and we have all been very distressed because of this silly rumor. Please have some empathy for our families as we are real people too!”

Sanam Jung with her husband

Sanam Jung with her husband and daughter

Sanam Jung with her husband