Shaan Shahid isn’t happy with local brands hiring Turkish actors

Following th success of Turkish historical drama – Dirilis: Ertuğrul –in Pakistan, different Pakistani brands are looking up towards the cast of Ertuğrul as their brand ambassadors.

Shaan is not happy with brands hiring Ertugrul actors

Some of leading Pakistani brands such as J.,  Maria B and few others have already signed Esra Bilgiç, Cengiz Coşkun,  Nurettin Sönmez and Didem Balcin as their brand ambassadors.

Pakistani actors such as Yasir Hussain, Aiman Khan and now Shaan Shahid aren’t happy with these brands ignoring their own actors.

Replying to a tweet that took a dig at PM Imran Khan‘s statement about people coming to Pakistan for jobs, Shaan said that for these brands ‘business is everything.’

In another tweet explaining his disapproval for local brands hiring foreign actors, the veteran star said that Covid-19 hit the Pakistani artists along with people from other professions very badly. He added that it was the time to support our own actors instead of others.

Replying to another tweet asking him to make such a decent Islamic movie or drama, Shaan said that the drama about which you are talking has Erdogan as its producer.

A number of people also questioned Shaan Shahid‘s silence when Indian actors were hired as brand ambassadors in Pakistan. The Waar star said that he has always spoken out against them as well not just vocally but professionally as well. 

He also recalled when he got into an argument during an award with a Pakistani singer who was supporting India.