Shan’s #OathForHer campaign raising awareness about major Doctor Bahu issue!

Pakistani Cuisine is a celebrated thing not only in Pakistan but also all around the world. And one product that has taken the Pakistani taste everywhere in the world is Shan Foods.

Shan - Oath for her

Shan Foods never fail to impress us, they are back with a new campaign which highlights that in Pakistan, 77% female doctors are unable to practice medicine after getting their degree due to their in-laws. The hard working female doctors are discouraged from practicing and are expected to take the kitchen duties after marriage.

The medical degree is just there so the woman could be a trophy wife, which is not only dangerous for the society we live in (lack of enough qualified doctors), but also a huge waste of potential that could have contributed to our nation’s progression instead of slaving away as housewives.

Shan Foods shows how important it is to give women equal rights even after they get married, we must let female doctors who want to practice and specialize in their fields further and shouldn’t force them to be a typical Bahu and take responsibility of their in-laws all day. This leads to years of efforts and hard work done by the female students to go waste.

Due to this issue Pakistan is left with 100,000 or less practicing doctors. To provide adequate cover to population of a 218 million we need 2 doctors per 1,000 persons at least. This means Pakistan needs 436,000 practicing doctors, at present, Pakistan has one fourth of the required doctors strength, if we let our female doctors practice their medicine after marriage, we will not be facing any sort of issues.

Shan Food has made it clear and simple in their new TVC that it is the perfect time we let our Pakistani women spread her wings and fly high, make the leap, and own the sky!