Shoaib Akhtar heavily criticized PSL 6 anthem Groove Mera

The former fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar heavily criticized the new PSL 6 anthem. He mockingly said that he will file a case against PCB for scaring his kids who did not talk to him for three days after he played the song.

Shoaib Akhtar trolling PCB for PSL 6 anthem

In a recent video for his Youtube channel, Akhtar took a dig on PCB for producing the PSL 6 anthem.

According to him, the anthem is ‘embarrassing’. He heavily bashed the pronunciations of the words in the song, and not only that lectured PCB for hiring ‘undeserving’ content creators. He had a lot to say on the subject with a very demeaning tone.

Last week after the release of PSL 6 anthem Groove Mera, there had been flared up social media exchanges in the favor and against the PSL 6 song. However, the stance of Rawalpindi Express had been the most critical of all.

In response, the Twitteratis went against the former cricketer, and many schooled him for his bad choice of words.

Besides the reactions from the celebrities, there surfaced a video interview of veteran singer Naseebo Laal, who sang the song along with other artists.

The singer focused only on the positive part of working for the first ever anthem of her life. She was teary and thanked PCB in broken words.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib AkhtarShoaib Akhtar Shoaib Akhtar