Social media calls out Shahid Afridi for his ‘hypocrisy’

Former cricketer and legend, Shahid Afridi, is back in the news for the last couple of days, First, the former cricketer became a hot topic after his remarks regarding the famous Mohali semi final against India was “misreported”.

Shahid Afridi facial with a female

It was being reported that Shahid Afridi has blamed another former captain, Mishan ul Haq, for the loss in the semi final. However, Shahid Afridi clarified his comments and said that he didn’t blame any single individual.

Just when things seemed to have calmed down for Boom Boom, he found himself among the trending topics on social media again. In a picture widely shared on social media, Shahid Afridi can be seen getting a facial from a woman.

So, why are netizens calling him out?

If you are following cricket closely, you must remember when Shahid Afridi refused to shake hand with a lady at the presentation ceremony.

For those who don’t know, six years ago Shahid Afridi was awarded the player of the match award for his splendid batting performance against New Zealand.

When Afridi was called up to collect the prize, he completely ignored the handshake from the woman, who was presenting him the man of the match award.

After the recent picture of him getting facial went viral, people recalled the 6 years old incident.

Here’s how social media is reacting :