Superstar Shahrukh Khan interacts with fans #AskSRK

Fans have always wished to interact with their favorite stars irrespective of their profession. Social media in the recent times have provided them the opportunity to interact with them and they cannot be more happy.

Shahrukh Khan interacts with fans

Bollywood‘s King Khan recently had a Twitter question and answer session #AskSRK with his fans and it was a treat to read all the replies from Shahrukh Khan to his fans.

He started the session with the following tweet:

A fan asked the “Don” for a few words of motivation.

Another fan asked him about why he spends so much time in the bathroom and SRK’s reply surely made everyone laugh.

He also shared his “top health and nutrition secret.”

The Veer Zara star also replied a Pakistani fan, who said that he lied to the fans about one sided to love.

A fan asked if he is strict to his kids?

Salman Khan’s fan asked him to say few words about him.

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