TikTok unbanned in Pakistan by PTA in just 10 days

TikTok was banned in Pakistan for failing to remove “Immoral” content after being given time to comply with instructions from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

TikTok unbanned in Pakistan

 “TikTok is being unlocked after assurance from management that they will block all accounts repeatedly involved in spreading obscenity and immorality. TikTok will moderate the account in accordance with local laws,” Statement by PTA.

Thousands of people were using TikTok to earn money by making creative videos as a means of livelihood, with some having a following of more than 10 million, after the government decided to ban the app their means of livelihood was taken away and people were not happy about it because this was their only source of income.

Right after PTA announced to remove the ban people started to express their feelings, some are excited and can’t wait to create content on their favorite app, while others are not happy about the decision at all.

TikTok unbanned in Pakistan

O well! Pakistanis always had a love-hate relationship with TikTok.

In July, the PTA also banned the hugely popular online game PUBG in Pakistan, and was stated unacceptable and void by the same court. The court ordered PTA not to engage in such illegal activities.

Here are some funny MEMES on TikTok unbanned in Pakistan: