Yasir Hussain clarified that he never had any issue with Ertugrul

Yasir Hussain has always been the talk of social media due to his statements about the Pakistani entertainment industry. The TV host faced heavy criticism from the social media community for only his statements, but the way he proposed his wife Iqra Aziz.

Yasir Hussain talking about Ertugrul in Ahsan Khan's show

No matter what, the couple remained in the limelight for the past couple of years for their choices. May that be the vacation they had before marriage, Yasir’s statements about Turkish content or the way he proposed Iqra, almost every event went under heavy scrutiny from the public.

In a recent interview of the couple on ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’, talking about his statement regarding Turkish content, Ahsan probed Yasir of why his statements always get twisted?

Replying to that, Yasir said ‘I think I always speak the truth that’s why I have to face public wrath’. Ahsan Khan pointed out his statement about Ertugrul when he criticized the Turkish drama. Yasir explained that he has no issues with Ertugrul, but his issues are with PTV that doesn’t try to produce content like Ertugrul, but borrows it.

According to Yasir, the Pakistani entertainment industry has gone a long way from the sets with four lights in the background and Anwar Sahab doing the show. He points out that we are designing excellent sets, we have talented actors, and PTV has the infrastructure to produce historical content, so why doesn’t the organization go for it?

ertugrul dirilisyasir hussain and iqra aziz yasir hussain and iqra aziz

yasir hussain and iqra aziz