Yasir Hussain clarifies his comments about Ertugrul’s cast

Yasir Hussain, who is better known for his controversial comments, found himself at the top of showbiz news following his alleged comments about Ertugrul cast. 

Yasir Hussain comments about Ertugrul cast

The television actor has been criticized quite a few times for his controversial comments regarding the hit Turkish historical drama, Dirilis:Ertuğrul. Recently, he stirred another controversy when a number of Pakistani entertainment blogs reported that Yasir Hussain has termed Turkish actors as international garbage. 

Here’s What Happened:

Yasir Hussain shared a tweeted that included two Pakistanis having resemblance with Diriliş: Ertuğrul actors. He wrote that they will never get the same importance as Ertugrul‘s stars. “Inko koi nahi poochyga. Kyunke ghar ki murgi daal barabar or bahar ka kachra bhi maal barabar,” he wrote. 

Yasir Hussain got criticized:

After his comments was reported by several top publications, netizens started slamming him for the lack of respect towards his Turkish counterparts. The hashtage Yasir Hussain started trending on top in Pakistan.

Not just that, #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage also started trending as social media users expressed their anger.

Yasir Hussain’s Clarification:

Following the immense criticism, Yasir Hussain took to Instagram and clarified that he never said anything like this. Yasir Hussain tagged a local magazine in his Instagram story and asked when did he called Ertugrul stars ‘international garbage.’

Yasir Hussain replied

Furthermore while replying to Anoushey Ashraf, he also asked her the same question. He also requested her to stop linking his every statement to Ertugrul

Anoushey Ashraf had earlier urged Yasir Hussain to respect actors from around the world. 

She had also said that Pakistanis are now looking for better scripts and shows.

Yasir Hussain Criticism of Ertuğrul:

Yasir Hussain has been criticizing Dirilis: Ertuğrul ever since it started airing in Pakistan. He had also demanded to ban Turkish dramas on PTV and suggested PTV to make a historical series of its own cast the local artists in leading roles.

Moreover, recently when Esra Bilgiç was signed as the brand ambassador by a mobile brand in Pakistan, Yasir Hussain had also opposed that.

He said that Pakistani brands should have Pakistanis as their brand ambassadors, neither Indians nor Turkish.