Zaid Ali T encourages young age marriage

Famous YouTuber Zaid Ali T, who himself got married at the age of 22, has encouraged early marriage in his latest Instagram post. The famous YouTuber while sharing his experience of getting married at a young age said that a lot of people are scared to get married early in their lives.

Zaid Ali T encourages young age marriages

He added that people think that it wouldn’t be financially possible to marry young. The 25-year-old explained that such people forget that a woman brings her own rizq.

Zaid Ali went on to share that there is no greater blessing than that. He concluded by sharing his personal experience of how God almighty bless you with what’s in your fate.

In 2017, Zaid Ali got married to Yumna and his marriage became quite the talk of the town. After posting pictures with his wife, many people thought that Yumna isn’t much pretty.

After getting hate comments about her physical appearance , the couple read such comments in a YouTube video.

In a recent Instagram post, he recalled how the whole internet bashed his wife for not being pretty. He wrote that she is still as confident as ever.

The couple also celebrated their third anniversary a couple of months ago.