Zaid Ali T & Yumnah to become parents soon?

Zaid Ali T tied the knot with his sweetheart Yumnah three years ago and since then Yumnah has been part of his content. Together they have achieved many things. From a big house which was build all by their own saving to a new luxury car that Zaid T recently gifted to Yumnah

Zaid Ali T and Yumnah to become parents soon

Other than that, they run a pretty tight ship, and seems like the members of the ship are increasing now. Zaid Ali T and Yumnah have been a favorite couple on internet for their cute and funny videos.

On New Year’s Eve, Zaid Ali T posted a beautiful picture with his pretty wife Yumnah to wish his fans and followers a healthy and happy new year ahead. The picture is beyond adorable.

Zaid Ali T with his adorable wife

The real piece of good news came when a fan commented on Zaid’s New Year Eve’s picture and asked “when will a third person add their picture?” To which Zaid replied: “Insha’Allah very soon”.

Zaid Ali T replying to his fan

The replies of Zaid Ali T have hooked us all as in another comment Zaid wrote “me too” with a laughing emoji when a fan wrote “waiting for baby Zaid”.

Zaid Ali T is waiting for a baby

Whether they are giving weight to more rumors that will now prop up after these replies or good news is finally here but we wish they will not face the criticism from the desi fans who are annoying at still no baby!

Zaid Ali T and Yumnah hugging each other

Zaid Ali T holding his wife on his back Zaid Ali T sitting with Yumnah